Real Retreats at The Gables
Our Team

Diane Youdale is known for her work in TV & Media & as Gladiator ‘Jet’. She’s more recently known as a contributing Psychotherapist for various Documentaries and while also a resident ‘Psyche’ on Channel 5’s Big Brothers Bit on the Side.

Her educating and facilitating in Wellness and Fitness spans 3 decades. Pioneering Wellness in the Workplace programmes she has facilitated her ‘Core Philosophy’ (CP) for many Businesses from the NHS to the RAF.

Diane’s specialism in Holistic Wellness links Mental Health & Spine care through Pilates, to Nutrition & Gut health.

She is looking forward to working with Soul Strong World bringing her work to the unique & beautiful Gables the house of Real Retreats in Escomb and combining her work to produce an opt in opt out programme that you can utilise for your specific need.

Diane is present on your retreat with the CP Foundation Seminar, Postural Assessments, Counselling/Coaching & Reflexology Sessions.

Sonia Strong is songwriter & creative Director. Her current music projects include music to align & balance the chakras with ‘Soul Sounds’. Along with the score for a new musical called ‘Ancient Dreams’.

Sonia has always kept herself fit as she trained as a dancer & gymnast then went onto study exercise to music. Sonia is a qualified beauty therapist & an expert specialist in advanced nail enhancements. She has taught all areas of beauty therapy for many years. Sonia specialises in liquid and powder specifically sculpted nails. She has been an ambassador for EZ Flow nail systems for well over a decade promoting their comprehensive brand and advanced education. Sonia qualified as a master artist with EZ Flow and demonstrated for many years at industry trade shows. She has been a finalist 5 times in the category ‘Nail professional of the year’ in the Professional Beauty Awards and the British Beauty Awards. She has written many articles for industry magazines, which can be viewed in the Magazine Contributor part of her website She also designed covers for various magazines. Sonia won Scottish Nail technician of the year in 2005 and British Nail technician of the year in 2006 and was named one of the top 5 nail techs in the country. Another artistic side of Sonia is painting oil & airbrushing on canvas.

Sonia is passionate about education & gets great pleasure in passing on her knowledge & expertise to others.

She has worked as a business consultant for salons all across the UK including launching the 1st Nail bar in Selfridges in London.

As she has been heavily involved in the health & beauty industry for many years, it was a natural progression & always a goal of hers to create a place to celebrate & combine inner & outer beauty. In the form of workshops and retreats for the mind, body, spirit & soul.

Sonia founded Soul Strong World in 2018 and branded up and coming wellness weekends ‘Real Retreats’ which she is excited they will come to life this year. A mix of guidance, relaxation, health & wellbeing with invaluable education.

Real Retreats launch in the North East of England at The Gables in Escomb in March 2019, other locations tbc.

Diana Bamborough spirit name Mary Maria Madonna has been doing Psychic Mediumship readings, healing, meditation and personnal development for over 25 yrs previously a professional health educator for local councils & health authorities leading top government projects under the minister of health & trained counsellor gives her a professional edge. Diana has read for all walks of life from celebs, royals, politicians with ecclectic coverage for those most in need. She is well known and currently writing various healing & personnal development books & is known for her live show called.. A Conversation with Spirit where she demonstrates proof of life eternal & Mysticm.

Hayley Dorian found Kundalini Yoga (also known as the Yoga of Awareness) at the beginning of 2014 when she was looking for ways to help ease the high levels of stress and anxiety she was experiencing from her fast paced, corporate job. Because of the tangible benefits she soon noticed, she felt the need to share these teachings with others. Hayley is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and is qualified to teach adults and children. She has also had extensive Gong training and is passionate about the healing benefits of sound. Hayley thrives on sharing this knowledge and guiding others; adults, teens and children alike on their personal path.

Anna Parkin best known for her role as ‘Anna The Boss’ can currently be seen on all of MTV’s controversial series Geordie Shore. Having run her own promotions agency and party planning business, where the cast often worked at Anna’s events, parties and champagne receptions. Despite filming 19 series of the very popular MTV show, she manages to keep her private life private, she stays out of the Media and enjoys a well balanced life with her only daughter. Anna has a keen interest in health and beauty, especially the holistic side and has found herself spending more and more of her free time at The Gables POD camping site In Escomb which offers the perfect place to escape for some R&R.